Refresh and relax your mind and body in under three minutes with unique sensory experiences, plus sound and vibration baths on your iPhone. Trasa | Traw-Suh | helps you achieve a calmer and clearer mind more quickly by immersing your sensations in scientifically matched sensory stimuli. By engaging you with a unique mix of sounds, vibrations, scenes, textures and colors, you will reach a relaxed state more quickly.

Enjoy a bit of Chi to start... keep free sessions for life!

Impactful Technologies for Life

In addition to the exciting updates and designs of our Trasa app, our team is hard at work on an integrated technology and service platform. Updates will be shared here and through our Twitter channel Contact Us! and 'Trasa Life' publication. Learn More!

We have a deep commitment to the wellness of children, and the health of our planet. Keep an eye out for initiatives through the Trasa app and our extended channels to support these commitments.